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Corporate Canine – Site Visits

Corporate Canine will work together with HR, Management and Staff to custom design and implement a Dog@Work program. Using a combination of training sessions, written material, one-on-one discussions, and direct work with employees and their dogs, a successful program will be put together that is as unique as your company.



Site visits include the following components

pet friendly business consultation image

1). Initial Consultation – Facility Assessment & Goal Setting:

The process begins with a comprehensive site review. We tour your facility, observe daily operations, and gather information from pertinent staff. The result is a confidential recommendation for a course of action.


staff training for pet implementation

2). Staff Training:

Trainings are fun, interactive and appropriate for any size group. They’ll include:

  • Introduction to Dog@Work programs – General talk, ideal for interested staff in all departments.
  • An explanation of management and employees role in the success of the program, including an explanation of all ground rules, and training in canine body language.


behaved canine at work

3). Implementation of the program into your workplace:

We’ll make your workplace comfortable for those involved in the Dog@Work program, and equally important, those who are not participating in it. We’ll be on-site to provide guidance and oversight as the program gets underway.


business men and business women and their behaved dogs

4). Overview Report:

This report summarizes your customized Dog@Work program and provides detailed suggestions for management and staff to keep momentum, and maximize success.


dogs at work training success for all employees

5). Follow-up visits:

Any successful program requires time, effort and practice to develop. We’ll provide on-going assessment of your Dog@Work program, training for new staff joining the program, and assistance on problems that are encountered




International Journal of Workplace Health Management

            Findings suggest pet dogs in the workplace may buffer the impact of stress during the workday for their owners and may also contribute to higher job satisfaction for all employees in the organization, regardless of dog or pet ownership.

For a Productive Workplace Let Your Office Go to the Dogs

Employees at pet friendly workplaces are happier (who would not like to pet a cute pooch every now and then!), less stressed, more creative, more co-operative with each other and more productive at work.

6 Reasons Dog-Friendly Workplaces Attract Millennials

Workplace perks designed to suit a millennial employee are often listed as free snacks, flexible working hours and on-site amenities, but many companies mss a huge opportunity to attract millennial in creating a dog-friendly workplace.

Your Definitive Argument for a Pet Friendly Office

“Dogs have not only helped to boost internal morale, but have also helped the company bond with clients and venders who come to visit the office, helping to make the company seem more human and approachable.”

Benefits of taking Fido to work may not be far "fetched"

“Stress is a major contributor to employee absenteeism, morale and burnout and results in significant loss of productivity and resources. But a preliminary study, published in the March issue of the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, found that dogs in the workplace may buffer the impact of stress during the workday for their owners and make the job more satisfying for those with whom they come into contact”

Manager's Best Friend

Christopher Honts and his colleagues at Central Michigan wondered in particular if the mere presence of a canine in the office might make people collaborate more effectively. And, as they told a meeting of the International Society for Human Ethology in Madison, Wisconsin, on August 2nd, they found that it could.